Two kids wanted my car and shot me execution style in the back of the head. I was left for dead.   That bullet, that random act of violence killed the Jackie Millar everyone knew. This Jackie Millar doesn't remember huge chunks of her life. I am suffering from a traumatic brain injury. I'm mostly blind, and I walk with difficulty. As you can see I even speak slowly with difficulty. I hear slowly with difficulty. I have terrible seizures. There are five bullet fragments in my brain, one in my brain stem and one behind my right eye. Should any one of those fragments move I could die instantly. My days on this Earth are numbered, so I try to reach as many kids as I can. I try to wake them up. I try to help them, get them to make better decisions so others don't have to go through what I have gone through, what my family has gone through, and what those kids the ones who shot me have to go through and their families. They will be old men when they get out of prison.

I have dedicated what's left of my life to helping troubled youth, especially those kids that are one mistake away from prison or worse not to mention their victims.

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Act now and for only $19.95 plus $3.95 s/h you get Jackie's auto-biography, and as a bonus you will get the the hit single "Jackie's Song" from the RX For Lonely Housewives album.

The question my marketing people always ask me is "what's in it for me."   How is Jackie's remarkable example going to help me?   More importantly why should I plunk down $19.95 for a book even with a CD single as a bonus?   (And believe me if it were strictly up to Jackie, my friend of over 35 years - she would likely give you a copy free in the simple hope that it would help you or a loved one).   But since I'm the publisher . . . well you know what I mean.

Marketing guys are annoying.   They're also experts on human nature and why people buy things.   They know instinctively that giving away books doesn't help anyone.   Why?   We all are taught from earliest childhood that usually something that doesn't cost anything is usually not worth anything, right?

So, here's my answers to my marketing guys.

It's a blessing sometimes when nothing happens.   For example, if you weren't shot or robbed yesterday it just might be because of Jackie.   Kids write her and tell her all the time how when they were in juvenile detention they heard her [Jackie] speak and it changed their lives, got them to making better decisions.   They thank her.   They hug her.   They weep together with her.   Jackie paid a terrible price for 'nothing to happen' to us.   Us, she does it for us.   She does it for the kids.   Buying Jackie's book and getting it into the hands of a somewhat troubled teen is a good idea for everyone, the teen, their parents, the potential victims.    And the book will change your life as well even if you've never been in jail.   You will never forget Jackie Millar after reading it.

And if you don't like the book I'll give you your money back.
Mike Stults,
Co-Writer/Producer of Jackie's Song

*delivery will be in 7 to 10 days



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